How To Do Short Essay

Being short can be a challenge because you have to fit all the points you want to make into five paragraphs and here’s what you are supposed to put in the paragraphs the first paragraph of the five paragraph essay is the introduction I’ll be explaining later how you make an introduction paragraph the next part of the essay is called the body because it’s in the middle just like your body which is between your head and your how do I say it your waist yeah that’s it so the body is the largest portion of the essay and it is three paragraphs that’s where you use your sources and try to persuade your reader so far with the introduction in the body we have accounted for four of the five essay paragraphs the last paragraph is the conclusion so how you figure out what to put in an essay is that you select a position meaning you choose an issue and decide if you are in favor for it or against it in this class for each essay I will assign you the issue so in this class you will just have to pick between being in favor of or being against the topic for your essay. Learn more about different types of essays and how to write them onĀ Edusson.

Then your goal in the body of the paper is to provide good points and evidence for those good points to persuade whoever is reading your essay to agree with your position to do that successfully you have to defend your position with facts that come from sources other than you don’t worry if you are not ready to write an essay like that right now I need to first explain to you how I’m going to use the word thesis when talking about essays now a lot of you have heard the word thesis before especially when it comes to college a lot of master’s degree students need to write a thesis which is a large document about a research project but in the essay world a thesis means something slightly different it also can be called a thesis statement in the essay world the thesis or thesis statement is exactly one sentence that presents the argument that the whole essay will be built around sometimes my students say I thought you said I have to say an opinion where does that come in well the thesis statement or thesis is actually a sentence with an opinion argument embedded into it but it’s sneaky because it doesn’t have obvious opinion words like I think or my opinion is here.

I’ll give you an example from my favorite place to get examples the Olive High School graduate should be required to take a year off to pursue community service projects before entering college in order to increase their maturity and global awareness now some of you can see the hidden opinion in there but just in case you can I’ll show you where it is here see how it says high school graduates should be required so think about it another thesis we could say is high schools graduates should not be required and that would be two opposite opinions also there’s even a little more opinion embedded in this example thesis statement it says that high school graduates pursuing community service projects would increase their maturity in global awareness but that’s an opinion to some people don’t think community service projects would do that.