Strange Questions During Job Interviews

Finally, you created a professional resume and you were invited to the first interview. The majority of job seekers already know that questions that may appear during job interviews hardly ever occur in our everyday talks. “What is his most serious mistake, where would he like to be in five years’ time?” There are hardly any inexperienced candidates who would be surprised by questions like these. Although, the world turns round even with the experienced job hunter when the leader of the interview asks “what kind of animal would you like to be, and why?”

Job hunters consider this question as one of the most stupid job interview questions in the world. Different variations of this question are known, the animal may be substituted in the question by the tool, furniture, part of your body or anything else. The most shocking one is the American version that asks the candidate what make of car he would like to be. Of course, it is the year and color that interest the leader of the interview. Behind the interview questions, seeming to be stupid at the first sight there is the Metamorphoses test, worked out by a French psychologist, Jacqueline Royer, in which the motives of the examined person are tried to be mapped with the help of similar questions.

The interpretation of the selected animal, the cultural meaning of an object as it is (for example dolphin = intelligence, helpfulness) is made on this basis. The person who selects the dolphin is not inevitably intelligent and helpful, but at least he would like to be, as the test suggests. An HR specialist does not do anything else but tries to deduce the candidate’s marked personality from the cultural meaning of the selected animal or object.

More exactly, he tries to point to the fact if the particular personality suits the applied position. For example – as an HR specialist gave it away – to the question “what kind of animal would you like to be?” eagle may be good at a financial applied position since an eagle can see through everything. But “eagle” is a bad answer in a position where teamwork is expected. The worst answer is when the applicant cannot or does not want to answer. And presumably one does not get the desired job who accepting a blogger’s advice declares, “I would like to be an animal that feeds on you”.